History Of The Church

Motto: True Gospel Deliverance, Where you here the truth, all truth and nothing but the truth.

True Gospel Deliverance began in the home of Bishop Elvis and Pastor Henrietta Thomas in November 1999 with 4 members As the membership grew the church moved to 2895 West Broward Blvd where they remained until July 2007. At that time God gave Bishop the vision to expand and build onto the ministry.

Through the guidance of God, True Gospel Deliverance has grown into a Church of over 200 members as we continue to spread the gospel and touch lives in the building the Kingdom of God and expanding even into new areas of ministry that will edify the body. God has leaded us to help restore the whole family as man being in his rightful place in God and as the head of his household.


  • Leading us to the perfect will of God for this ministry.
  • Having he guide of the Holy Spirit to add move souls for the Kingdom.
  • Having us pursue, overtake and recover all that God has for us.
  • Opening doors in the areas of our Youth Dept. and our Outreach Ministries.
  • Expanding our training in various areas to equip the body.
  • Expanding not only in Florida but worldwide.

The essence of our ministry is CHANGE through the power of Jesus Christ. We desire to see souls SAVED, bodies HEALED, minds SET FREE, and individuals EMPOWERED. Our objective is to get the message of “CHANGE” into the hearts and minds of the people that we reach. Our goal is to ignite CHANGE in our communities using Christ as our example… producing changed hearts, changed minds… resulting in CHANGED lives.

Mission Statement

We are a body of Believers committed to winning souls for Jesus Christ and developing them in Christian living.  Empowering them to Live better, Love better, and Serve better; positioning them to make a greater Kingdom impact. We are a Bible believing church dedicated to teaching the True Gospel of Jesus Christ and the fundamental life principles for Christian development.